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A LONG-running battle to save an area of green space at La Collette flats has been lost following a tied vote in the States.

Under current plans for a major redevelopment of the area, which have been approved by Planning, a patch of green space between the low-rise flats at La Collette and Green Street would be lost and instead a residents-only courtyard area would be created in the middle of the proposed 147-property development.

A number of residents have been fighting to protect the land, which they say is a vital area of open space in an otherwise built-up area.

In the latest attempt to preserve the land, St Helier Constable Simon Crowcroft asked Andium Homes, which administers social housing on behalf of the States, to protect the public green space, and lodged a proposition requesting Treasury Minister Alan Maclean to direct the company to redesign the plans.

But the vote was tied, with 19 Members opting to save the green space and 19 opting to keep the current designs. There were two abstentions.

This meant that the motion was not passed and the building can go ahead as planned.

RESIDENTS opposed to a 253-home development on their street have continued their fight against the plans by appealing to an independent planning inspector from the UK.

Earlier this year the Planning Committee gave permission for the housing scheme on Gas Place despite opposition from a number of Tunnell Street residents and St Helier Constable Simon Crowcroft.

The go-ahead for the scheme came after Mr Crowcroft lodged a proposition calling for the site, which was previously owned by Jersey Gas, to be bought by the States and turned into additional open space. His proposition is due to be debated this month.

On Wednesday, independent planning inspector Jonathan King attended a public planning appeal to hear from Tunnell Street resident Paul Fox, who opposes the housing scheme.

PROPOSALS for a £30 million residential development to deliver essential housing and regenerate St Helier have been submitted to Planning.

Andium Homes is seeking permission to build 165 one- and two-bedroom flats to the east of the town on the former Ann Court site between the Jersey Arts Centre and Ann Street.

The development also includes proposals for 137 short-term public car park spaces for shoppers and open spaces to be accessible for the public.

The development would cover a single town block bordered by Ann Street, Charles Street, Providence Street and Ann Place.

Preventing clogged pipes is part of the landlord’s many responsibilities. All too often are islanders having to call-out plumbers to fix problems that could have easily been avoided if the necessary precautions had initially taken place.

The landlord must maintain the building in habitable condition and, unfortunately, that can involve sorting any problems with the drains. If you leave your drains for long periods of time without regular maintenance, they can eventually become blocked. However, prevention really is the key word here. When it comes to the maintenance of drains, prevention really is the key word.


In the first quarter of 2017:

  • on a rolling four-quarter basis, the mix-adjusted average price of dwellings sold in Jersey during the year ending Q1 2017 was 1% higher than the previous quarter (ending Q4 2016)

  • on a quarterly basis:

    • the seasonally adjusted mix-adjusted average price in Q1 2017 was 2% lower than in the previous quarter and 3% higher than the corresponding quarter in 2016 (Q1 2016)

    • all individual property types recorded lower mean property prices in Q1 2017 compared with Q4 2016

  • the turnover of properties in Q1 2017 was lower than the previous quarter, and higher than the corresponding quarter in 2016

  • overall housing market activity, on a rolling four-quarter basis, was 3% higher than in the previous quarter

  • on a rolling four-quarter basis, rental prices in Jersey were essentially unchanged during the year ending Q1 2017 than in the previous quarter (year ending Q4 2016)

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