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Do Jersey Pests Pose a Threat to Building Maintenance?


With summer on the horizon, there are a great many things that you’d be wise to look out for if you’re looking to renovate your property in Jersey. As many are aware, summer on the island is prime-time for insects and similar pests to come out of hiding and begin infiltrating our properties, which can cause severe long-term damage if not properly treated.


Why Pest Control and Building Maintenance go Hand-in-Hand

Today, construction projects including renovations and additions are in abundance in the healthcare sector, according to a recent survey of Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) members. Over 40% of respondents stated that they sought to build additional conversions to their existing structures, or build entirely new facilities.

While these renovation projects and building concepts can benefit your staff and add value and prestige to your business, the construction process can also attract pests. Why? Because renovation can disrupt the surrounding habitats of animals. This means that the pests will be searching for a new place to source food, water, and homes.

If pests are able to house themselves during the construction of a property, they can cause serious issues to both the structural integrity of the building and the eventually residents. Fortunately, our Property Management Team are always on hand to deliver swift, and efficient service to any client or home-owner that has concerns regarding property maintenance.


What Pests Pose a Threat in Jersey?

Every pest comes with its own annoying problem.

Landscape gardeners in Jersey are often lamenting mole and vole infiltration on the job, as they’re known for uprooting lawns, flowerbeds, and other areas within the garden. The good news however, is that Jersey does not necessarily have one notorious pest that causes constant disrepair, (unless you include seagulls).

One might argue that the most popular pest islanders have to face (especially in St Helier) are pigeons. While they may not cause as many problems as other rodents such as rats and mice, pigeons can severely damage the aesthetics of a building, specifically the paintwork. While they may not seem like an immediate threat, failing to lay down bird deterrents such as bird spikes may result in costly damage to the property.

Alan Read from AMES Pest Control Services claims that ignoring pest control services in favour of saving money could lead to disastrous structural mishaps:

“Some people seem to think that hiring a pest control contactor is a waste of time and money. Pigeons in particular are prone to populating city centres, and St Helier is a victim to this problem. Essentially, prevention is far more efficient than a cure, if you’re able to maintain a clean work site, you’re far more likely to deter pests.”


Plans and Blueprints

A successful construction project is nothing without a solid foundation, and pest management plans are no different. Before the first hammer hits a nail, have your licensed pest management professional review your site and your construction plans. Much like your contractor’s blueprints, your pest management professional can create a plan to help keep pests away.

Regardless of the location or planned scope of your project, pests such as termites, rats and other debris-eating pests should always be accounted for, as they can quickly and subtly render your building materials useless. There’s also no harm in contacting a certified pest control agency in order to set-up a barrier of sorts that will ensure pests do not cause harm to your building foundations.


Repelling Pests from Your Site

If you choose to hire a pest control agency, the contractor will be on high-alert for any incoming pest threats. This includes checking for any damages to the structure, cracks, gaps, etc, and any areas where rats and mice could squeeze through.

If, for whatever reason, pests do somehow end up within your construction project, you may fear that they will disturb the neighbouring properties, which can be another massive problem. Again, your pest control expert will be on hand to deal with this rare possibility, the usual resolution to this problem is setting up bait traps/stations around the site’s exterior. This will trap and eradicate any potential pests attempting to find a home within your structure.

It goes without saying, but keeping your site clean is a must. Clearing debris daily will help keep pests away as they’ll have less areas to dominate and build nests into, having a skip or even just a few bins will drastically decrease the likelihood of pests infiltrating your working perimeters.


Lastly, Stay Alert!

Once your project is completed, you still have much work to do to keep out pests. This is an ongoing job that will require care and dedication from time to time to ensure pests don’t find a way into your property. supplies some fantastic information regarding the common pests of jersey and how to efficiently deal with their unwelcome presence.

Remember, if your pest management is under control and regulated accordingly, it can save you thousands of pounds over the years, so be on the look-out!


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