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Relocating to Jersey is a lifestyle choice and Gaudin & Co can offer you an unrivalled level of knowledge and expertise on Island life.

Talk to us about what you need, your expectations of living here and your individual situation and not only can we assist with your property search, we can help you to navigate the array of local information and bureaucracy you willl need to know – information including choosing the right schools, registering with various authorities and the local etiquette, customs and traditions that make Jersey unique.

Our team know Jersey like no-one else and will make the right suggestions to persuade you to come to the jewel in the Channel Island’s crown.

If you are considering relocating to Jersey, please call Bradley Vowden on 01534 670333 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a confidential chat.

Why Move to Jersey

Quality of Life

Quality of Life

The largest of the Channel Islands, 100 miles south of mainland UK and 14 from the French coast, Jersey’s 100,000-strong population enjoy a quality of life that’s hard to beat.

  • miles of stunning beaches and magnificent unspoilt natural scenery
  • independent shops, bars and cafés through to Michelin-starred dining rooms
  • lots of attractions, entertainment and events for the whole family
  • a safe and stable environment with low (and decreasing) crime rates
  • a strong education system with high-performing schools
  • English-speaking with a French influence across all aspects of Island lifes
Business Potential

Business Potential

The States of Jersey is an accessible, business-focussed and independent government which promotes a modern e-commerce infrastructure that supports business.

  • Jersey is an international centre of excellence for professional services
  • direct access to globally-renowned experts in international finance and business
  • Jersey can be reached within an hour from over 30 UK and European cities
  • globally-renowned accountants, bankers, lawyers and venture capitalists
  • a stable and strong corporate jurisdiction comparable to and competitive with, other jurisdictions internationally
Financial Benefits

Financial Benefits

Jersey residents enjoy some of Europe’s lowest direct tax rates making it an extremely attractive location for HNWI and businesses looking to expand internationally.

  • highly competitive corporate and individual tax rates
  • only income is subject to tax with no Capital Gains, Inheritance or wealth taxes
  • the general rate of income tax in Jersey is 20% on Jersey-sourced income
  • the States of Jersey actively encourages and supports reputable businesses
  • the general rate of tax for corporate entities in Jersey is 0%
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